Turkey, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, is one of the most eye-catching countries in the world with its natural and historical beauties.

Turkey is also perfect for cycling trips.

We are organizing a campaign to promote the natural beauties, ancient cities, religious centers, museums, forests, beaches and cultural centers in Turkey's cycling routes.

We host 20 bicycle travelers from different countries via selections of organizations in Turkey.

We organize one-month bike tours to promote the regions of Thrace - Black Sea - Aegean - Mediterranean - Anatolia - Mesopotamia.

We welcome bicycle travelers with escort vehicles at the Turkish border gates,

You can travel comfortably on bicycle by loading your belongings into the vehicle,

We meet all accommodation, eating and drinking needs within the borders of Turkey,

We provide guidance and technical support.

All these services are completely free.

In the regional tours we will travel by bicycle, for an average of 60 – 80 kms per day.

We keep the bicycle rides short and proceed at a light pace.

On the road; We will adjust our route to include special regions such as historical, cultural, natural, religious centers, museums and ancient cities.

In the city center or villages we arrive at, we will be greeted with the local dishes, music and art performances of the region.

Cycling Travelers are responsible for coming to Turkey with their own bicycles and returning to their own countries at the end of the tour.

We only ask cyclists who want to participate in the Turkey Cycling Tour to share their bicycle trips in Turkey instantly on their blog and social media accounts.

We take photos and videos during our entire journey.

Since this organization is made for promotional purposes; We want each participant to share daily from their own blog and social media pages.

In the city centers, we will be welcomed by important figures such as Mayors, Tourism Managers, Press, Associations, Universities, Sponsor Companies.

What the participants should bring with them;

your own bicycle

Your own personal belongings

Phone, Camera, Camera or iPad you use for social media sharing

Arrival from your country to the Turkish border is your responsibility.

At the end of the tour, it is your responsibility to return to your country from Turkey.

Cyclists who want to participate need to pre-apply and choose from among them.

NOTE: Other details such as exact dates and route will be notified by private message to those selected by filling out the application form.

Fill out the form to apply for a free Turkey Cycling Tour for 1 Month;